It’s That Kind of Planet

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That Kind of Planet cover

Yes, we’re still here! And very happy to announce the release of a new comic collection from Emma Weakley – That Kind of Planet, available in paperback and pdf.

All in vibrant colour, the beautifully rendered stories range from the disquieting horror of “Kelpie” to the lively space adventure of “Hector and Bea Discover an Alien World”, and from the classically inspired “Orpheus” to the entirely original fable “Pig Girl”.

“I’m terribly excited to hold a physical copy of what represents five years of work,” Weakley says. “As dark as the stories can be, I hope some of the joy for creating mad, fantastical worlds and even our own home planet comes through.”

Weakley is a Kapiti-based illustrator and two-time winner of the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Artist from SFFANZ. We have previously published her picture book Jack and the Beanstalk, and her other credits include cover art for a number of New Zealand SF books, as well as illustrating an album and a board game.