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Random Static is a New Zealand based small press which publishes quality speculative fiction from writers in NZ and around the world. We started with the revival of the Faction Paradox line, a superb shared world series whose earlier volumes comfortably met our high standards. We hoped to match the calibre of the existing Faction Paradox works (and the reviews for our first book indicate that we succeeded).

We also publish original SF works outside the Faction Paradox range. We are not interested in publishing non-fiction, traditional fantasy (although the "sufficiently advanced technology" maxim may apply), or works with no SF content. Our focus will be on quality, not quantity.

Random Static releases are available directly through this web site, other online booksellers, and various physical book stores.

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Submission Guidelines


Broadly speaking, we are looking for science fiction and possibly fantasy driven more by ideas and characters than by action (though that certainly doesn't mean action isn't a welcome addition to the mix). Stereotypical fantasy (epic quests and elves and dragons) is rarely our thing, but we welcome speculative fiction that straddles the boundary between fantasy and science fiction, magic realism, steampunk, and weird fiction, as well as harder SF. If in doubt, send us a one paragraph summary by email and we will let you know if it is of interest.

We particularly like writing which demonstrates a strong sense of place (be it real or imagined), and a detailed consideration of how characters relate and adapt to their environment (not just natural, but built, sociological, financial, etc). We actively welcome realistic queer characters.

To submit, email submissions@random... with a short cover letter in the body of your email. The cover letter should include:

  • A brief (1 paragraph) description of your novella, including word count
  • A current postal address and, if you have one, a skype username
  • Any relevant publications

Please attach as separate documents in .rtf, .odt, .doc or .docx format:

  • A brief synopsis of your novel (no more than one page)
  • The first chapter, or section of an equivalent length

We endeavour to respond within six weeks of submission. Please do not query before that date.

Short Stories

Until the end of 2012, submissions are open for a second volume of New Zealand speculative fiction. Submit here.

Other Activites

While primarily a book publisher, Random Static does have other divisions...


Random Static Music is the record label for Daphne Lawless and her band Vostok Lake. Daphne's CDs Facing Image, Undinal Songs, and Small Group Psychosis, and the EPs Anastasia and Magical Internet are available for purchase through this site. Vostok Lake plays live gigs in Auckland, New Zealand, and occasionally Wellington and other places.

We don't currently have any other artists on our roster, and for the moment our priority is books. However, if for some reason you'd really like to be released under the Random Static Music label, and you think there's some possibility that we'd really like your music, contact us.


Random Static provides a variety of email, web design & development, and web hosting services, but we're not currently accepting new clients.

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