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It's That Kind of Planet

Yes, we're still here! And very happy to announce the release of a new comic collection from Emma Weakley - That Kind of Planet, available in paperback and pdf. More... (Sunday 11 December, 2016)

Barking Death Squirrels: The Movie (almost)

Barking Death Squirrels author Doug Van Belle has not one but two film projects in the works. Orion 66 is based on the SJV-nominated novella The Jackalís Waltz, which is a prequel to Barking Death Squirrels and deals with humanity finding its place in a universe where you're either predator - or prey. Van Belle is also working on the pilot for the SF comedy Johnny Ruckus, to be filmed at Avalon Studios in Lower Hutt - support it if you can!

More... (Saturday 28 September, 2013)

Regeneration Launch

Regeneration is now available for pre-order, in both paperback and ebook formats. The collection will be officially launched at 6pm on the 12th of July at Au Contraire 2013, the National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention; entry to the launch is open to the general public.

More... (Sunday 02 June, 2013)

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