Newtons Sleep E-Book and other news

We have decided to release Newtons Sleep in e-book form. The new online edition can be downloaded here at no charge. The Faction Paradox branding is absent from this edition, since it seems to provide an unhelpful distraction to readers unfamiliar with the series, as indicated by reviews that spend more time on the origins of the series than evaluating the book itself. We think the book stands up perfectly well as an SF novel in its own right, with no prior knowledge of the Faction mythos.

Other recent additions to the site include Words From Nine Divinities, the fourth volume in Magic Bullet's Faction Paradox audio series, and Magical Internet, a Vostok Lake side project.

Arriving later in the year will be Wanting to Believe, a guide to the X-Files from Mad Norwegian Press, and Small Group Psychosis, the long-awaited CD from Vostok Lake. There should also be more from the Faction Paradox universe - stay tuned.

- Friday 16 January, 2009

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