Title: Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate
Author: Stuart Douglas et al
Publisher: Obverse Books
ISBN: 978-0956560506
Format: 153mm by 218mm Hardback
Pages: 192
RRP: NZ$39.95

Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate

by Stuart Douglas et al

When Edward Malone discovers a peculiar yellow bottle on the banks of an ancient South American river, it takes the combined efforts of Professor Challenger, the Manleigh Halt Irregulars, and Seņor 105 to keep the contents safely under wraps. And that's before Miss Iris Wildthyme sticks her nose in...

Time for Miss Wildthyme and friends to investigate!

The third volume of Iris stories from Obverse features four linked novelettes, written by Stuart Douglas, Cody Schell, Jim Smith, and Nick Wallace.

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