Title: Time, Unincorporated: The Doctor Who Fanzine Archives - Vol 1: Lance Parkin
Author: Lance Parkin
Publisher: Mad Norwegian
ISBN: 978-1935234012
Format: 153mm by 229mm (6" by 9") Paperback
RRP: NZ$34.95

Time, Unincorporated Vol 1

by Lance Parkin

In Time, Unincorporated, the best essays and commentary from a range of Doctor Who fanzines are collected and here made available to a wider audience. In spirit, this series picks up the torch from Virginís Licence Denied collection (1997), concentrating some of the most delightful, insightful, and strange writings on Doctor Who into a single source.

Volume 1 of this series collects 15 years of Doctor Who-related essays and articles by Lance Parkin, one of the highest-regarded Doctor Who novelists. The cornerstone of this edition is a year-by-year survey and analysis of Doctor Who that Parkin wrote for the 40th Anniversary of Doctor Who (updated to the present), as well as a myriad of Parkinís articles and columns from the fanzines Enlightenment and Matrix. Also included: Parkinís original pitch for the celebrated Doctor Who novel The Infinity Doctors, his extensive advice on the art of writing, and more.

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