Title: Faction Paradox: Words from Nine Divinities
Publisher: Magic Bullet
Cat. No: THoFP-04
Format: CD
RRP: NZ$29.95

Words from Nine Divinities

As Sutekh makes a bid to seize the throne of the Osirian Court, Justine and Anubis put their plan into motion. But is the power of Horus himself enough to prevail against the might of the Destroyer?

On the Homeworld, the War King has decided, against the wishes of half the Council, to bring Faction Paradox back into the fold - a move which may play directly into the hands of the maverick hybrid Lolita, and bring chaos to the Great Houses...

This is the fourth volume of The True History of Faction Paradox, a full cast audio play series.

Written by: Lawrence Miles
Directed by: Alan Stevens and Alistair Lock
Produced by: Alan Stevens
Starring: Gabriel Woolf, Wanda Opalinska, Jane Lesley, Jet Tattersall, Peter Halliday, Chris Tranchell, Philip Madoc, and Julian Glover

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