Title: Kaldor City: Hidden Persuaders
Publisher: Magic Bullet
Cat. No: KC-03
Format: CD
RRP: NZ$29.95

Hidden Persuaders

"Nothing is yet known of the terrorists' demands, but Security remain poised to act instantaneously on any information received."

Terrorism is on the increase and - amidst a media frenzy - hostages are being taken. The Church of Taren Capel are fighting back and nobody in Kaldor City is safe. Who is behind the cult's remarkable success, and what is their next target? Most importantly, when it comes to politics, who really has the most to gain?

Kaldor City: Hidden Persuaders uses characters and concepts from Chris Boucher's Doctor Who serial Robots of Death and novel Corpse Marker, and the Blake's 7 episode Weapon, to tell a gripping tale of corruption and media manipulation.

Directed by: Alistair Lock and Alan Stevens
Produced by: Alan Stevens
Creative Consultant: Chris Boucher
Starring: Paul Darrow, Russell Hunter, Scott Fredericks, Nickey Barnard, David Bickerstaff, Jasmine Breaks, David Collings, Trevor Cooper, Nicholas Courtney, Brian Croucher, Robert Lock, Patricia Merrick, Peter Miles, Tracy Russell, Alison Taffs, and Mark J Thompson

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