Title: Magical Internet
Artist: The Vostok Lake Auxilliary Choir
Publisher: Random Static
Cat. No: RSM008001004
Format: CD
RRP: NZ$9.95

Magical Internet

The Vostok Lake Auxilliary Choir

Vostok Lake's entry for the RPM '08 challenge - recording an album from scratch during the month of February 2008. Most of the songs were written for performing at comedy gigs, and it was recorded at breakneck speed, so it's not exactly representative of Vostok Lake's usual style, but it should be entertaining.

It also includes the fourth installment in the increasingly inaccurately named Anastasia trilogy.


  • Sex in a Decade (4:00)
  • Thinner (4:47)
  • The Auckland National Anthem (4:27)
  • Crazy Cat Lady (3:19)
  • The Songs of My People (5:26)
  • A Motorway Runs Through There Now (4:00)
  • Terror Alert (2:56)
  • Thank You, Magical Internet (3:34)
  • My Humble Curse (4:13)

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