THoFP 3: Body Politic


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Facing a divided Council and fighting a nine-hundred-and-twenty-front war across time and space, the War King sends Ambassador Mortega from the Homeworld to the Osirian Court, to combat the new power that has risen in their midst that challenges the might of the Great Houses.

Meanwhile, by gathering the complete biodata of Osiris, Justine plans to resurrect the only Osirian capable of standing against Sutekh the Destroyer. But the forces at work on the Homeworld may soon intervene fatally in Justine’s plans…

This is the third volume of The True History of Faction Paradox, a full cast audio play series.

Written by: Lawrence Miles
Directed by: Alistair Lock and Alan Stevens
Produced by: Alan Stevens
Starring: Gabriel Woolf, Wanda Opalinska, Jane Lesley, Jet Tattersall, Peter Halliday, Chris Tranchell, and Philip Madoc

Dimensions 12.4 x 14.2 cm

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