THoFP 1: Coming to Dust


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Naples, 1763. The Great Ape of Posto di Forragio is on show, an exhibition to amuse jaded foreign tourists. However, there are three Englishmen who recognise that the creature is no mortal beast, but a harbinger of ancient evil from before the time of the Pharaohs – and one which may presage the return of something thought long buried.

To prevent this, they must turn to Cousins Justine and Eliza, the mysterious representatives of the Faction Paradox – but any dealings with the Faction Paradox always come at a price.

This is the first volume of The True History of Faction Paradox, a full cast audio play series.

Written by: Lawrence Miles
Directed by: Alistair Lock and Alan Stevens
Produced by: Alan Stevens
Starring: Gabriel Woolf, Julian Glover, Isla Blair, Wanda Opalinska, and Jane Lesley

Dimensions 12.4 x 14.2 cm

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