Kaldor City 5: Checkmate


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“Cause and effect. It applies to everything.”

Taren Capel’s legacy is unleashed, and death stalks the streets. As Uvanov fights for his career and his life, Paullus contacts a force which could be the salvation of the people of Kaldor – or their destruction.

With Carnell gone, Iago is the only one who can save the City from its fate – but to do that, he must sacrifice everything…

Kaldor City: Checkmate uses characters and concepts from Chris Boucher’s Doctor Who serial Robots of Death and novel Corpse Marker, to tell an apocalyptic tale of subterfuge and revelation.

Directed by: Alistair Lock
Produced by: Alan Stevens
Creative Consultant: Chris Boucher
Starring: Paul Darrow, Russell Hunter, David Bailie, David Bickerstaff, David Collings, Trevor Cooper, Nicholas Courtney, Brian Croucher, Rachel Fishwick, Miles Gould, Peter Halliday, Patricia Merrick, Peter Miles, and Tracy Russell

Dimensions 12.4 x 14.2 cm

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