Kaldor City 2: Death’s Head


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“Taren Capel? The mad god of the robots. He was famous, briefly, but then, weren’t we all?”

Someone is spinning a web. Links are forming between one man’s need for violence and another’s desire for power; a desert ore processing station and a long dead enemy of the state. Someone, maybe everyone, is being manipulated. Carnell is the obvious culprit, but who is the psycho-strategist working for, and what could their motive possibly be?

Kaldor City: Death’s Head uses characters and concepts from Chris Boucher’s Doctor Who serial Robots of Death and novel Corpse Marker, and the Blake’s 7 episode Weapon, to tell a complex tale of sex, money and death.

Directed by: Alistair Lock and Alan Stevens
Produced by: Alan Stevens
Creative Consultant: Chris Boucher
Starring: Paul Darrow, Russell Hunter, Scott Fredericks, David Bickerstaff, Nichloas Briggs, Trevor Cooper, Brian Croucher, Alistair Lock, Robert Lock, Patricia Merrick, Peter Miles, Tracy Russell, and Peter Tuddenham.

Dimensions 12.4 x 14.2 cm

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