Kaldor City 1: Occam’s Razor


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“You are dealing with a professional. Probably a hired killer. Resourceful, highly intelligent. A computer specialist.”

Kaldor: A city of robots on a world of robots. The Board runs the Company, and the Company runs the planet. Nothing happens in Kaldor City without the Board’s approval. So how come its members are dying?

Company Chairholder Uvanov is faced with an escalating problem: political allies and enemies are being killed and nobody knows who will be next or why. Even Carnell, the ex-Federation psycho-strategist, is at a loss to provide an explanation.

One man may hold the answers – a man who crossed the border into Kaldor City six hours ago: Kaston Iago, a man with a past and maybe an agenda. A man with the skills to set everything right.

Kaldor City: Occam’s Razor uses characters and concepts from Chris Boucher’s Doctor Who serial Robots of Death and novel Corpse Marker, and the Blake’s 7 episode Weapon, to tell a dark, aggressive tale of ultraviolence and political intrigue.

Directed by: Alistair Lock and Alan Stevens
Produced by: Alan Stevens
Creative Consultant: Chris Boucher
Starring: Paul Darrow, Russell Hunter, Scott Fredericks, David Bickerstaff, Trevor Cooper, Brian Croucher, Annabel Leventon, Patricia Merrick, Peter Miles, and Peter Tuddenham.

Dimensions 12.4 x 14.2 cm

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