Submission Guidelines


Random Static is currently open to submissions of novel length speculative fiction, and possibly longer novellas.

Broadly speaking, we are looking for science fiction and fantasy driven more by ideas and characters than by action (though action can certainly be part of the mix). Stereotypical fantasy (epic quests, elves, and dragons) is rarely our thing, but we welcome speculative fiction that straddles the boundary between fantasy and science fiction, magic realism, steampunk, and weird fiction, as well as harder SF.

We particularly like writing which demonstrates a strong sense of place, be it real or imagined, and a detailed consideration of how characters relate and adapt to their environment – not just natural, but built, sociological, financial, etc. We actively welcome queer characters and themes.

To submit, contact us using our contact form with a short cover letter. The cover letter should include:

  • A brief description of your novel, including word count
  • A current email address and postal address
  • A brief bio including any relevant publications

If we are interested in reading further, we will contact you and request a sample of your manuscript. We endeavour to respond within six weeks of submission.

Short Stories

We are not currently looking for short stories, though we may publish further anthologies in the future. Try Capricious.


We’re not actively looking for albums to publish, but if for some reason you’re particularly keen to be released under the Random Static Music label, and you think there’s some possibility that we’d really like your music, contact us. We’d be particularly interested in filk albums (original or public domain tunes only).